Meet Our Team - A perfect blend of creativity and expertise to create paragons in comprehensive marketing and advertising solutions

Mr. Alok Jalan

Managing Director

After two decades of leadership in the Media & Advertising industry, Mr. Alok Jalan is acknowledged as one of the people who revolutionized the Out of Home eco-system, and as the person who continues to spearhead through strong and ethical practices.

Mr. Atul Shrivastava

Group CEO & Executive Director

A most approachable, grounded and patient boss, Mr. Atul Shrivastava leads the team On & Off-site both. He has strong faith in his team and defines business with building strong and valuable relationships.

Mr. Sai Nagesh

CEO - Tempus & CSO

Laqshya Solutions

He is an Alchemist, yes the one who has a special power to change something ordinary into something unique and special, especially through his eye for detailing. This combined with his quest for perfection makes him a formidable ally to have on your side.

Mr. Navneeth Mohan

CEO - Laqshya Live Experiences

The super enthusiastic and flamboyant Navneeth is always on his toes. His love for vibrancy is evident from the very enthusiastic team he owns – a team comprising of dynamic youth that is always motivated.

Mr. Vijay Agarwal

Group CFO

Our Finance Chief is the one who never mixes numbers and never minces words. He is also credited to have balanced all the verticals seamlessly with his composed demeanor and systematic way of work.

Mr. Deepak Chaudhary

Director - Event Capital

All credits to this Innovator for curating the most unique IPs. His diverse business acumen makes him the most hands-on person when it comes to any event. Creating, Sustaining and Growing each property to become brands is his motto.