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18 Jul 2023


This brief is to effectively promote the Marriott Bonvoy 'Here' campaign in India through strategic public relations efforts. The campaign showcases immersive anamorphic installations in Gurugram and Mumbai, highlighting relatable travel moments and aligning with the brand's global tagline, "Where Can We Take You."


The primary objective is to drive the successful promotion of the Marriott Bonvoy 'Here' campaign in India by implementing strategic public relations activities. The specific goals include:
  • Increased Awareness: Generate widespread awareness about the 'Here' campaign and its immersive anamorphic installations in Gurugram and Mumbai. Create visibility for the campaign's message and engage the target audience.
  • Engagement and Relatability: Foster audience engagement by showcasing relatable travel moments cherished by travelers. Connect emotionally with the audience, resonating with their own travel experiences and aspirations.
  • Media Coverage: Secure significant media coverage in Indian and international media outlets to maximize campaign reach and exposure. Utilize press releases to communicate key campaign messages and generate interest among media personnel.

Strategy Implemented:

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the following strategies were implemented:
  • Press Releases: Distribute well-crafted press releases to Indian and international media outlets, highlighting the key elements and immersive nature of the 'Here' campaign. Emphasize the relatable travel moments showcased in the anamorphic installations to generate media interest and coverage.
  • One-to-One Interviews: Conduct interviews with a campaign spokesperson to provide deeper insights into the 'Here' campaign. Share personal stories, experiences, and the inspiration behind the installations. Engage the audience on a personal level and build a connection with the campaign.
  • Industry Stories Participation: Engage with industry publications and platforms to participate in stories related to travel, experiential marketing, and immersive art installations. Share the campaign's unique features and highlight its alignment with global travel trends, creating additional exposure and interest.


The strategic PR activities implemented to promote the Marriott Bonvoy 'Here' campaign in India yielded impressive results, reaching a potential audience of 16.2 million through Indian and international media outlets. The campaign successfully generated widespread awareness and engagement, connecting with a significant number of individuals.
The impact of the PR efforts extended beyond awareness, directly influencing business outcomes for Marriott Bonvoy. During the campaign period, the brand experienced a surge of 15% in bookings, indicating the effectiveness of the PR strategies in driving customer interest and conversions.
These outcomes demonstrate the successful execution of the PR activities in amplifying the reach and impact of the Marriott Bonvoy 'Here' campaign. The strategic dissemination of press releases, one-to-one interviews, and participation in industry stories contributed to creating significant awareness and engagement among the target audience.
Overall, the strategic PR activity for the Marriott Bonvoy 'Here' campaign accomplished its objectives by generating a substantial reach, driving increased bookings, and solidifying the campaign's success. The PR activities effectively positioned the campaign as a compelling travel experience and resonated with millions of individuals in India and beyond.

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