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18 Jul 2023


This brief is to promote the Nissan Magnite compact SUV in the competitive Indian automobile market. The objective is to resonate with the target audience and potential buyers across more than 70 targeted cities through a high-decibel pan India Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign supplemented by strategic PR activities.


The primary objective is to effectively promote the Nissan Magnite compact SUV in the Indian automobile market through a high-decibel pan India OOH campaign and PR activities. The specific goals include:
  • Increased Awareness: Generate widespread awareness about the Nissan Magnite among the target audience and potential buyers in over 70 targeted cities. Create visibility for the compact SUV's attractive starting price and its unique features that differentiate it from competitors.
  • Resonance with Target Audience: Craft messaging and communication that resonates with the target audience. Deliver a compelling message that highlights the value proposition of the Nissan Magnite, capturing the attention and interest of consumers in the crowded automotive market.
  • Media Coverage: Secure significant media coverage in both Indian and international media outlets through the distribution of press releases. Increase awareness and generate positive buzz around the Nissan Magnite, positioning it as an exciting and desirable compact SUV option.

Strategy Implemented:

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the following strategies were implemented:
  • Press Releases: Distribute well-crafted press releases to Indian and international media outlets, highlighting the key features, competitive pricing, and unique selling points of the Nissan Magnite. Generate media interest and coverage, amplifying the reach and visibility of the compact SUV.
  • One-to-One Interviews: Conduct interviews with a spokesperson to provide deeper insights into the Nissan Magnite's design, performance, and value proposition.
  • Industry Stories Participation: Engage with industry publications and platforms to participate in stories related to the compact SUV segment. Showcase the Nissan Magnite's strengths and advantages, positioning it as a compelling option within the competitive market.


The strategic PR activities implemented to promote the Nissan Magnite compact SUV yielded impressive results, reaching a potential audience of 13.8 million through Indian and international media outlets. The campaign successfully generated widespread awareness and interest, effectively engaging the target audience and potential buyers.
The impact of the PR efforts extended beyond awareness, directly influencing business outcomes for Nissan. The Nissan Magnite received an overwhelming response, with over 75,000 bookings garnered after the campaign. This booking surge demonstrates the OOH Campaign and PR strategies' effectiveness in capturing consumers' attention and interest in the highly competitive Indian automobile market.
Overall, the strategic PR activity for the Nissan Magnite compact SUV accomplished its objectives by generating a substantial reach, driving high levels of customer engagement, and translating into a remarkable number of bookings. The PR activities effectively amplified the brand message, positioning the Nissan Magnite as a top choice among consumers in the Indian automobile market.

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