Google introduces App + Web for unified reporting in Google Analytics

12 Aug 2019
Marketers can celebrate more flexibility now while looking at customer data as Google unifies App and Web Measurement for reporting and analysis. With a single set of consistent metrics and dimensions one can now easily measure user interactions across various platforms. Find out how it makes it less challenging for marketers and simplifies the process of measuring engagement.
The customer journey has become increasingly complex over time, with users often switching back and forth between desktop and mobile and various channels before buying. It is thus fairly challenging for marketers to gain an accurate and complete view of their customers’ paths to purchase.
Two great tastes. Google has historically had two separate tools for web and app analytics: Google Analytics and Google Analytics for Firebase, for mobile apps. Now the company is combining their capabilities in a new property that seeks to provide a more unified view of customer data: App + Web for Google Analytics.
Director of Product Management for Google Analytics, Jesse Savage, said that he hopes the new offering will help marketers and brands improve the customer experience by giving them “a single, consistent set of metrics for more integrated reporting and a more comprehensive view of the customer journey” (on Google properties). Starting today, App + Web will begin rolling out to all Google Analytics and Analytics 360 users for free.

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