Out of Home Advertising

Nothing gets us more excited than out-of-home done differently and creatively every time. We’ve lived and breathed it for more than 20 incredible years. The Outdoor advertising focused agency of ours dominated the local outdoors within the first decade and decade two was all about setting footprints in new territories. Today, the two decades old agency is recognized as a brand-focused agency that is known for its work and integrity both. The Group’s ethic - based business services have always been the most talked-about aspect of the OOH space.

From providing unmatched outdoor solutions that are backed by Research, Innovation & Technology to acquiring media assets with a purpose, Laqshya went on to become a powerhouse of Outdoor Solutions in the world of OOH. Laqshya’s OOH journey is nothing but the congregation of ‘ Many Firsts ‘ be it the Dubai Bus Shelters, Indore’s first foot over escalators or to be the only OOH company to have attracted private equity investment from UTI Venture funds. 

Audience Measurement

Creating first of its kind state-of-the-art planning tool for measuring the effectiveness and media value of Outdoor campaigns is something we are incredibly proud of. We have made audience measurement a reality through the launch of ‘ SHARP’(Strategic Hyperlocal AI-powered Reach Planner).

India’s first-ever measuring tool, developed in-house by LMG, that allows brands to target the right audiences with Reach or Budget as an objective for an OOH campaign. 

The OOH tool relies on Machine Learning to deliver AI optimized recommendations. The system is fed with data received from more than 50,000 geo-tagged sites comprising of Billboards, BQS sites, Mall facades, Pillars and Poles across 26 cities. 

SHARP combines diverse data points involving Geo Tagged OOH formats, Traffic study by a global research agency, multiple databases to arrive at the current profiles of resident & transit population; panel rating points and various other factors, with data on thousands of sites comprising multiple OOH formats. Each site is geo-tagged to collect the data of the resident population and transit traffic to the nearest beauty salons, health institutions, banking, emergency services, automobiles, transit points, theatres, hotels and lodges, educational institutes, religious places, sports arenas, arts and amenities hubs, pubs, shopping areas and government touchpoints located within 6 meters from the site. SHARP is also coded to differentiate between multiple (stacked) billboards at the same location with indicative pricing per site. 

SHARP uses data from various sources like the Transit traffic data from 50,000 geo-tagged sites, consumer durables sales patterns, education growth patterns (decadal patterns of states’ literacy), housing growth patterns and smartphones sales growth patterns (teledensity and smartphone density). This helps brands increase their reach of SEC 1 audiences.

Creativity and Innovation

Our OOH offering boasts highly about the creativity and innovation that goes along the media plan, which is creatively presented and innovatively executed.

The bespoke OOH campaigns of ours are born from out-of-the-box ideas that are seamlessly executed from concepts to on-street reality. Our creative solution teams build effective brand communication through unique campaigns.

The team believes in continually challenging the status quo. 

Beyond Billboards

Our larger than life installations are just an example. From running campaigns that gets its way to be called as ‘ Asia’s largest Installation ‘ by Asia Book of Records to creating an Innovative AC Bus Shelter in Delhi during scorching summer when the temperature reaches around 48 degree Celsius, we went out of our way in terms of creativity.

Our campaigns are thus a testimony of offering with a purpose.

Outdoor Media Assets- Our Assets are the right choice for brands that are looking for creating impact and high reach. Our media assets that are strategically acquired stay relevant to various sectors. The larger than life assets situated on arterial routes does complete justice to any media plan. 

Our exclusive advertising right at Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijayawada Airports gives us dominance and strengthens our portfolio in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana market. The impressive canvasses promise every campaign a significant impact. They are in places that matter, primed to bring brands to life. By leveraging new technology to make OOH more relevant, responsive, and rewarding, we reach people in the real world and in real sense.

We drive results for businesses, big and small. Whether you are new to the market, a first time advertiser, or an existing business, trust our Assets to help you create buzz, engage with your desired audience, or direct customers to your door (real or virtual!).

Brands Who Trust Us