Out Of Home Advertising

We have evolved and transformed the way we work. Our way of working is versatile, as we combine our strategy, creativity, and innovation into one seamless process – making every Outdoor Communication heard through various touchpoints. 

Whether you require end-to-end capabilities on OOH or any specific skills, we bring our bouquet of Outdoor Advertising expertise to your business needs through our various OOH services.

Laqshya Solutions

For 20 years now, the flagship Group’s Company - Laqshya Solutions has been proud to have initiated many novel and unthought-of innovations, time and again.

With its forte in the outdoor space, the company has built its recognition through successful execution of unique concepts across platforms like Billboards and Bus Shelters, gradually catering to brands with the most ground-breaking and competent solutions that are based on hard facts, insightful planning, and relevant research analysis. 

We are thus providing our clients with optimum exposure for their products and services while indulging the audience with engaging, exciting, and award-winning communication.

Outdoor Media Integrated(OMI)

OMI was set up in June 2017 to offer personalized services to certain sectors in the Industry.

With an ever-growing client base, the Laqshya Group management created this vertical to offer expert solutions to certain identified sectors in the Industry. With an efficient base set up at Bangalore, OMI services brands with a dedicated team.

Hyderabad Airport Media

The Laqshya’s Airport Media Assets include the first-ever Greenfield Airport project in Hyderabad and is a joint venture between Laqshya Media Pvt Ltd and the GMR Group.

A marvel in OOH Media design, the projects undertaken in this space are a perfect example of new-age media utilization and niche targeting.

Laqshya Assets

Laqshya Assets stands for world-class media units that are high on quality and offer audience-specific visibility.

The key media assets that we own mark their presence across the country. These include an intelligent mix of traditional billboards and bus queue shelters to street furniture and ambient media. Name it in the OOH space; we have it.

These assets promise to reach target audiences across all sections and SECs, with the required flexibility to communicate with them on a more personal level.

Laqshya Assets runs on Successful Public-Private Partnership!

Our PPP Model is pioneered by the company’s policy not just to create media assets, but to ensure that we address the need for genuine transformation in the areas we explore. Our recent association with Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation is one such example.

Chennai, which has an average of 50.24 lakhs people boarding the buses every day has a plight to share a dilapidated structure that has given up its fight facing forces of nature, rain or the sunstroke.

We embarked on the decision, not just providing better Bus Q Shelters, but building shelters that represent the Laqshya designs – Good aesthetics that add to the city’s landscape. We presented what we call the ‘Laqshya standard’ i.e., high on quality and aesthetics both.

Laqshya Media Group has always been guided by the credo “Business with Ethics and Purpose”. The company has always played a meaningful role in the communities that surround them, as well as, used ideas and innovation to communicate the causes of others.

Laqshya through its Outdoor wing always promotes social causes and many other social initiatives. We are absolutely committed to conserving natural resources. We have utilized technology in the best way possible in our conservation efforts right from using recycled materials to build new street furniture, eco-solvent inks to lighting equipment that uses 40 % less power and Ecoflex, a vinyl that decomposes in three years, instead of 300 years.

We are integrating solar energy in some of our media sites; for instance, our billboards in Delhi run on solar power. Focusing on water conservation, we have initiated projects in this direction, for example, the Public Utilities in Delhi have been attached to a water recycling plant.

Our recent shifting of Cantilevers in Mumbai to LEDs was another step towards supporting the “Green Energy” efforts.

Traditional Media

The Traditional Media available at key areas across India works effectively to create the larger than life impact of your Brand. Our Panoramic sites are an eye-treat and must have in any Outdoor Media Plan. We have Single Solus Sites that stands out to A cluster of sites that are imperative for campaigns to narrate a story- every media unit is equipped to grab eye-balls.

Street Furniture

In various cities of India and abroad the Laqshya Media Group has been working on projects deploying street furniture under the Public Private Partnership model.

Ambient Media

With a growing presence in premium malls, multiplexes and recreational centres across India, Laqshya offers a complete gamut of ambient advertising solutions using conventional and innovative media vehicles.

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