Public Relations

Laqshya PR comprises a group of individuals who aim to turn your goals into reality in terms of innovative PR & Communication solutions. The Public Relations wing of Laqshya Media Group is driven by the latest innovative communication solution including Online, Print & Electronic Media. As a ‘New Age PR Agency,” we create a holistic approach for our clients that consists of Strategy, Media Relations, Events, B2B Influencer Activity for big and medium brands for far better exposure. Our expertise lies in presenting our clients with an effective strategy to match their own needs which consists of not only a proper effective plan to maintain an image but also focus on maintaining an image whether it’s offline Or online. Gone are the days when PR was also about sustaining a positive image in the market! With emerging tools & trends we can start thinking beyond them. Our new portal ‘NewsCoverage.in’ is a single-window solution for reaching out your message through the media to your target audience with various Print, Online and Electronic PR Packages.

Media Relations

Media relations management is one of the most powerful tools for influencing consumer behaviour and therefore they are core to the services we offer. Credible third-party endorsement is most sought after and has helped several brands scale up and become industry leaders. Our team of experts actively reaches out with your brand stories and ensures placement in digital, local, and national media platforms. Our expertise act as the proactive public relations representative for your brand to answer and respond in real-time to any media query about your brand, services, product, management, etc. and helps your firm evolve and benefit from our years of excellence derived by delivering correctly through our sources and relations in the Media world.

Product & Service Launches

Getting started with a new business is a challenge and bringing out new products is equally challenging. A great deal of research goes into developing a product idea as you would want to offer only what is likely to sell. Similarly, passing the message and introducing the product in the right way is equally critical. We help you do it the right way so that it can catapult your business to new heights and avenues. However, investing in an effective strategy is something that every business should do. We offer reliable product launch marketing & PR services to help you propel the new products and services you plan to introduce.

B2B Influencer Marketing

We engage with the top celebrities, micro, and macro-influencers appropriate for your niche who can help you connect with the right audience and can motivate them to buy your products and services. To pull off a great B2B influencer marketing campaign you need to work with experienced Social Media Influencers who share your brand values. We connect brands and social media influencers to tell epic stories and to engage your target audience in your Product & Services.

Strategy & Planning

Our strategy and planning services are an important aspect of the value we bring to your business. We guide and advise our clients about various aspects of their public relations mandate at every step. We as a leading PR Agency in India have successfully helmed strategic and planning for many of our clients and have helped them position and reposition themselves in the market in ways that have yielded the best ROI on all.

Thought Leadership

Today, brands and individuals have several ways to market or keep their names ringing in their audience’s minds. We are a specialist PR team with a background in communication strategy, writing, marketing, and journalism who help business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, and more in raising their profiles to become thought leaders in the industry and to be approached by a new audience and potential clients. As a PR tactic ,we believe in creating, sharing and thought-provoking ideas and research that business leaders can use to build credibility for themselves.

Startup PR

We understand that as startups look to scale up, they need more access to investors, clients, and the right talent. As a communications associate, we tap into our range of proficiency to give you customizable services to reach out to your target audience. As an expert PR agency for startups, we trust that every brand has its own uniqueness, so we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, we provide Integrated communications solutions specific to the brand’s requirements, which include traditional as well as digital media and refined content.

Brands Who Trust Us