The future of Experiential Marketing

13 Aug 2019
Consumers today not only favor brands that can deliver on personalization and authenticity, but have started to demand it outright. Despite the differences between millennials and Gen Zers, one of the things they share in common is the value they
place on experiences. That’s part of the reason experiential marketing has seen such an uptick in recent years, giving brands the ability to connect with consumers face-to-face and the opportunity to exercise more control over how people perceive them.
Four experts from the Amp community tell us why experiential marketing matters, and why one activation falls flat while another one soars.  We have always looked at experiential not just as a way for brands to connect with consumers but also for social sharing. As we continue to evolve in the mobile technology space, it’s important for brands to break through to consumers personal feeds. Consumers are looking for simple ways to integrate into experience design, whether through their mobile phones or a simple interface on-site.
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