Data illustrates that the 3rd Pandemic wave has ebbed.

07 Feb 2022
Data shows that the 3rd Pandemic wave has ebbed.
The statistical answer is in congestion ratios.
The scientific answer is in traffic counts.
The more ‘human’ answer is ‘time in traffic’.
The team @ Laqshya have built a comprehensive study using travel time between locations across 9 of India’s larger cities over multiple months to help marketeers judge that it is time to plan outdoor again. Traffic is back in no uncertain terms.
The reason is clear: Vaccination has helped and therefore leading corporates are asking employees to Work from Office more frequently.
Travel times between locations are headed back to peak times.
Atul Shrivastava, Group CEO, Laqshya Media Group says: “Just looking at the travel time trends collected from Google Maps, it’s easy to notice that traffic is returning to peak levels again.  We at Laqshya Media regularly collect data about various markets so that we continue to serve clients in the best possible manner through data backed solutions. This year’s travel time update showcases that travel times have reached ~90% in most of the major markets, and more importantly trending upwards towards normalcy.”
About Laqshya Media Group: Established in 1997, Laqshya is an award-winning integrated communications group in India. The enterprise is identified by its unparalleled contribution in the ‘Out of Home’ advertising space. For more than two decades, the group is engaged in offering highly diversified and innovative media solutions to the who's who in the market. Some of the clients in outdoor advertising include Tanishq, Nykaa, LG, YouTube, Zee etc.

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