Industry Analysis – Green and Orange Districts

22 May 2020
Given the economic measures taken by the government of India to help the private sector battle with the impact of Covid-19, we worked on some data and derived some insights about the industries that operate from Green and Orange Districts to understand the source and scope of recovery in the Indian economy.
As of May 20 2020:
  • The population of the orange and green districts added up to nearly 70% of India’s total population and accounted for nearly 65% of the country’s GDP*.
  • The colour-codes of 23 districts changed between May 8, 2020, and May 15, 2020.
  • Twenty-two districts across Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand that went from Green to Orange.
  • Insights on the industries functional in the orange and green districts across the country.

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