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India's First 3d Anamorphic Installation for Tanishq

29 Jun 2023


The brief was to implement the PR strategies to maximize the reach and impact of Tanishq's "Live a Dream Collection," India's first 3D Anamorphic campaign. The campaign, executed by The Inventech, a technology division of Laqshya Media Group, aimed to create heightened awareness and engagement among a diverse audience. This highlights the practical PR activities implemented to promote this groundbreaking anamorphic campaign and expand its reach across a wider audience.


The primary objective is to leverage strategic PR tactics to amplify the visibility and impact of Tanishq's "Live a Dream Collection" 3D Anamorphic campaign. The specific goals include:
  • Enhancing Awareness: Generate widespread awareness about Tanishq's "Live a Dream Collection" and its unique 3D Anamorphic campaign, ensuring its recognition as India's first such campaign.
  • Audience Expansion: Reach a broader audience by targeting diverse demographics and geographies, fostering engagement and interest in the campaign beyond traditional jewelry enthusiasts.
  • Media Coverage: Secure extensive media coverage across various platforms, including print, digital, television, and social media, to maximize campaign visibility and create a buzz.
  • Social Media Amplification: Leverage social media platforms to create a viral effect, encouraging user-generated content, shares, and interactions related to the campaign.
  • Measurement and Evaluation: Establish metrics to monitor the success of the PR strategies, including media impressions, website traffic, social media engagement, and campaign sentiment analysis, to measure the campaign's overall impact.


The strategic PR activities implemented for Tanishq's "Live a Dream Collection" 3D Anamorphic campaign yielded impressive results, reaching a potential audience of 24 million through Indian and international media. The campaign's installation garnered significant engagement, with over 10 lakh people interacting with it. The impact of the PR efforts extended beyond awareness and engagement, directly influencing sales for the Live a Dream collection. Following the campaign, there was a notable 24% increase in sales, indicating the effectiveness of the PR strategies in driving consumer interest and purchase intent.
The campaign achieved significant visibility and engagement through media channels, translating into tangible business results through increased sales. Overall, the strategic PR activity for Tanishq's "Live a Dream Collection" accomplished its objectives by generating widespread reach, fostering engagement, and driving tangible business outcomes, solidifying the campaign's success and establishing Tanishq as a leader in innovative and impactful marketing initiatives.

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