Meet our new colleague, Alexa!

12 Aug 2019
We might not be whizzing around in flying cars and employing robots to cook our food just yet, but we have started dipping our toes into the world of IoT, and the possibilities seem endless and fascinating, to say the least! Our regular office environment buzzed with excitement when Alexa came to be a part of our office decor. There were whispers and nudges throughout the floor as the opportunity of listening to music on demand loomed in the air enticingly. Little did we know it is beyond music and will change so many things around the office.
Tech-know how: Alexa App development provides custom business solutions according to customer needs. It can be used in business solutions as well as smart homes with various AI features. With Alexa’s customizable capabilities, one can automate daily tasks and eliminate hassles from their lives. From providing front desk solution to every visitor at the reception area and the day-to-day attendance management to fixing a meeting, Alexa can do everything and beyond. Its AWS Lambda works as the mind with Python 3.7 external server, which will be a use for the API integration.
Two months later, we have trained our trusted Alexa to do a lot around the office. Let’s check how!
Attendance: With little training, Alexa can now mark our employee's attendance not only saving their time but also putting a smile on their face as they advance forward with current technology in action.
So, how we do it? 
Say "Alexa open digitalabs dot in."
Alexa Replies "Welcome Buddy" 
Now one needs to input their employee identity for which say "Alexa, please mark my attendance for (insert Employee Id)"
Alexa Replies "Have a great day (Insert Name)"
Reception: The opportunities with the reception area usage of Alexa is infinite, and maybe time is not far away when human greetings in the reception area are completely eliminated. Not only can Alexa reply to your greets, but it can also be configured to provide reception room conversations like asking the visitor to take a seat, asking whether they want tea or coffee or who do they wish to speak and whether that person is available or not.
Meetings/to-do lists/Reminders: In planning of meeting room application, someone can just say “Alexa, is this room free?” to find if the meeting room is available, or say, “Alexa, start my meeting” to start their meeting, keep track of to-do list, and set reminders. Alexa can schedule one on one meetings between colleagues, move and cancel meetings, and dial into conference calls, so employees stay focused on essential tasks whether at home, at work, or on the go.
When hiring a personal assistant seems like way too much, a digital assistant can step in and do the job, and all you have to do is issue voice commands. Packed with extensive features, Alexa is suitable for every office environment just like ours, where it is not confined to one user. We greatly feel that it soaks the monotony and fatigue out of everyday corporate tasks, creates a smart and more productive workplace and also promotes smooth communication. Undeniably, Alexa is here to navigate the teams in any workplace towards passionate learning, valuable contributions, skill expansion and growth.


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