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18 Jul 2023


This brief outlines the objectives and purpose of the event "VIRAASAT - Celebrating 75 Handwoven Saris of India," organized by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The event aims to commemorate India's 75 years of Independence by showcasing handloom saris and celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage. It also focuses on highlighting the diversity of regional, ethnic, and tribal sari styles and draping methods to showcase the vibrant textile traditions of India. To ensure the success of the event and attract more consumers, a comprehensive PR activity and social media management campaign will be undertaken at a pan-India level. This will involve influencer activities, workshops, live webinars, social media advertisements, and other strategies to reach the targeted audience and ultimately increase sari sales.


The main objectives of the "VIRAASAT - Celebrating 75 Handwoven Saris of India" event and its accompanying PR and social media management activities are as follows:
  • Event Promotion: Implement a robust PR and social media campaign to promote the event at a pan-India level effectively. Create awareness and generate buzz about the event.
  • Consumer Attraction: Attract a more extensive consumer base to the event by leveraging influencer activities, collaborations with prominent personalities in the fashion and textile industry, and social media engagement. Increase footfall and participation, leading to enhanced sari sales during the event. Workshops and Webinars: Conduct workshops and live webinars during the event to educate attendees about the craftsmanship, weaving techniques, and cultural significance of handloom saris. Enhance consumer knowledge and understanding, generating interest and increasing the likelihood of sari purchases.
  • Social Media Engagement: Manage social media platforms effectively to engage with the audience, share updates, and drive interest in the event. Utilize targeted advertisements, user-generated content, and interactive campaigns to reach a wider audience and encourage their participation.


The comprehensive promotional activities implemented for the event "VIRAASAT - Celebrating 75 Handwoven Saris of India" achieved remarkable outcomes and significantly impacted both reach and sales. The potential reach through all promotional activities reached an impressive 600 million individuals, expanding the event's visibility and attracting a broad audience.
The event's month-long exhibition resulted in generated sales of Rs. 2.83 crore, benefiting 160 weavers who participated in the exhibition. This not only showcased the success of the event but also contributed to the economic empowerment of the weavers, promoting sustainable livelihoods and supporting the handloom industry.
The #MySariMyPride campaign, a key component of the promotional activities, achieved outstanding results. It attained a potential reach of close to 40 million, with over 31,000 interactions, 1,400 shares, 25,000 likes, and over 1,000 mentions on various social media platforms. These metrics signify the campaign's resonance with the target audience, generating significant engagement and amplifying the event's message.
In conclusion, the promotional activities are undertaken for "VIRAASAT - Celebrating 75 Handwoven Saris of India" yielded exceptional results. The event's potential reach, sales generated for weavers, and the success of the #MySariMyPride campaign collectively contributed to the event's impact and the promotion of India's rich textile heritage. Additionally, the substantial growth in NHDC's social media followers demonstrates the effective management of digital platforms and the growing interest in their initiatives.

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