Public Relations


18 Jul 2023


The objective is to enhance trust and transparency among donors in the environmental conservation space by adopting blockchain technology. The specific goals include:
  • Eliminating Duplication and Ensuring Accuracy: Prevent duplication or reassignment of trees planted by individual and corporate donors. Establish a system that guarantees tree data's accuracy and uniqueness, ensuring donors' contributions are appropriately recognized and acknowledged.
  • Trust and Transparency: Build trust and instil confidence in donors by adopting blockchain technology, which offers transparent and immutable records of transactions. Demonstrate the commitment to accountability, enabling donors to verify and track the impact of their contributions.
  • Revolutionizing Data Storage and Accessibility: Transform the storage and accessibility of data in the NGO sector by leveraging blockchain technology. Set a new standard in environmental conservation by implementing a secure and decentralized system that ensures the integrity and availability of information.

Strategy Implemented:

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the following strategies were implemented:
  • Strategic Communication Messages: Craft communication messages emphasising trust, transparency, and data integrity in environmental conservation. Highlight the role of blockchain technology in addressing these challenges and its potential to revolutionize the sector.
  • Press Releases at National Level: Disseminate press releases at a national level to inform the public, donors, and stakeholders about the adoption of blockchain technology in the environmental conservation space. Highlight the benefits and impact of this innovative approach on donor confidence and environmental initiatives.
  • One-to-One Interviews: Conduct interviews with a spokesperson or key representatives to provide in-depth insights into the adoption of blockchain technology and its significance for trust and transparency in the environmental conservation sector. Share success stories, case studies, and practical examples to illustrate the benefits.


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