14 Aug 2019
Outdoor Media Planning
The main goal of Tanishq was to be perceived and regarded as the most preferred and favourite jewellery brand of each and every consumer, in the entire country. Their primary goal revolved around staying at the right time and place, and continue to be relevant and connected to their customers, both potential and existing.  Additionally, the motive was to reach out to the customers and to stay connected to them, with the multiple sub-brands and collections, throughout the year, across the country. The entire nation was painted red in literal meaning with over 1500000 square feet of OOH space, spread over a period of 6 months with the 7 campaigns at regular intervals.
The main goal behind this strategy was to tap into the customers' minds in the most important jewellery buying dates, seasons and occasions. The ultimate momentum was gained in a period of 6 months when there was a higher brand recall along with an increase in footfalls at retail stores and higher spends in every bill. Along with this, Tanishq managed to tap into every opportunity that came along the way, emerging as the number one jewellery brand in the entire country.


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