Impact on the economy of urban India will be minimal due to containment zones in the top 8 cities

09 Jul 2020
  • The primary population in most containment zones are composed of NCCS D and NCCS E segments
  • NCCS D and NCCS E consists of 15% of the total population but constitute only 6% of the purchasing power in the metros, which adds up to Rs. 5000 crores across the cities and mostly spent on Food products/FMCG and Housing.
  • Traffic is quickly getting back to normal across the cities and the time is ripe to re-connect with audiences that have been copped up at home with little commercial stimulus.
  • 94% of the purchasing power of the cities is available for brands across verticals, except to FMCG, Food and Housing Brands. So, businesses of all verticals have the opportunity to re-engage with the NCCS A, B and C segments now, to make up for loss in business incurred in the last couple of months.

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